How to Style Flowers for Your Special Ones

Are you planning on gifting flowers to your special someone? We must commend you that you have made the right choice as far as giving a gift goes. Flowers make excellent gifts as they have an aesthetic as well as emotional sense to them, apart from being unconventional when it comes the gifting the “regular” watches and bracelets.

However, deciding to give the gift is not enough, and you have to put in some thought about the styling of flowers before you hand them over to your loved ones. You can do a lot when it comes to styling to ensure that your other half loves the flowers that you brought out of love for them. When it comes to styling flowers, there are more than one ways that you can resort to for getting the perfect reaction for your gift.

Art of Flower Arrangement

  • One such innovation is the Vase in a Teacup, which is exactly what it sounds like. Buy a bunch of her favorite flowers and trim them up so that they fit into a cute little teacup pig, and hand them over to your love just like that. While maintaining the elegance of the flowers, they add to the cuteness of the gift.
  • You can also go for a flower crown, which takes the effort to a whole new level. Now the question arises as of how to style flower crowns? While ready-made floral crowns are also available in the market, you might want to buy some flowers and wire and make the crown on your own, because nothing beats a personal touch when it comes making gifts for the love of your life.
  • Another creative way of styling the flowers is by using the glass bottles that otherwise lay useless around the house. Take 3 or more bottles and put 2 flowers in each of them. You can put more than 2, but make sure the name is same in each of the bottles. Once this is over, tie the three bottles with a ribbon. You can also add decorations on the bottles and make it more innovative. Your partner will love this gift for sure.
  • If you think that a floral gift styled out of the same flowers is too obvious, you can take it up a notch and style the flowers in a more thoughtful and innovative way. To begin with, buy different types of flowers and get a clear (transparent) vase as well. Trim the flowers nicely so they are of the same length, and arrange them in the vase. There you have it – the perfect gift for your partner!

When it comes to choosing the flowers, be sure to think unconventionally. While roses are surely great, they can be too main-stream. Go for elegant flowers, such as water lilies and dahlias. If you are inclined to use roses, make sure you use a bunch of different colored ones, and not just the red ones alone. Now that you know how to make exclusive floral arrangements and which flowers to use, now comes the most important part and that is how are you going to get flowers for your arrangements. You can take help of internet and locate an online floral store in Studio City California. Put your effort into it, and your loved one will like the floral gift for sure!

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