Spring Flowers For Your Office Desk For Refreshing Working Environment

Nothing compares to beauty of spring. The way it shed off all the brown leaves and bring the new and fresh green leaves is something no other season can ever do. Spring reminds us that how beautiful a life can be. The trees begin their new life in spring after many days of being dull and dry. It tells us that hard times doesn’t stay longer. You have to calm and never quit, life will bring an turning point for you with all the happiness you always carved for.

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Spring is the season to enjoy the beautiful scene and scent of nature. Spring is favorite for most of the people as it brings an opportunity to see the beauty of nature. But it annoys a lot when you have to work in your office in a beautiful weathered day. Being not able go for sight seeing and to sit around on a chair for a whole day is nothing more than a disaster.

You can’t go outside your office but at least you can bring a lil’ bit of spring inside your office cabin. Yes, we are talking about spring flowers for your office desk. It let’s you enjoy the scent even after sitting inside the four walls of your office cabin. We have bought a collection of spring flowers that will make your office desk look beautiful like never before. It’s scent would make you work harder and would let stay fresh during a tired day.

So without wasting your precious time, let’s get started with a list of all the pretty spring flowers that will enhance the beauty of your office desk…

English Ivy

If you want make your office desk look like a tumblr image, nothing could be better than English Ivy. It makes your cabin look luxurious and pretty. If your office space is quite small in size, English Ivy is the best way to enhance it’s look.


There are a variety of succulents. If you’re very bad at taking care of plants then this part of the list is perfect for you. Succulents are desert plants and they are capable of living even when you forget watering them. They are sunlight lovers, thus you just need to keep them near your window.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is the best way to turn your work space into a pleasant smelling place. It adds colors to your workspace. It is the best way to refresh your mood. If you have a full time job it’s important to stay awake during your working hours. Lemon balm keeps you fresh and charged throughout the day.


Daisies come in a variety of colors like white, green and pink. They are inexpensive and a best way to keep yourself energetic. You just need to a beautiful vase to enhance the beauty of daisies. Once you set them upon your desk, nobody can stop you from being fresh.


They are the most lived spring flowers. It has a long life span even after they are cut down for use. In order to increase there life, you must take proper care of them. The trickiest way to make them live longer is to cut off the tips in every three days.

Dianthus ‘Green Trick’

Dianthus ‘Green Trick’ are a very unique looking spring flowers. If you want something attractive for your office desk, Dianthus ‘Green Trick’ will never disappoint you.

Stargazer lilies

Lilies have a vase span of around 12 days if taken care properly. Stargazer lilies are known for it enchanting white color. If white is your personal favorite than lilies are perfect for your office desk.

Get more tips and suggestions with best of the local florist in Studio City to give better care to the flowers you can have in your place home or office.

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